Today in this modern age, there is always a social construct that everything is simply black and white. That there is only good and bad, moral and immoral, right and wrong, thus hiding the reasoning behind every choice we are able to comprehend or decide.

In actuality, there is a major grey area that surrounds many of the choices each and every human being has to make on the daily. From the environment we grew up in, to the values instilled in the children, to even the type of news (which chooses what we should see).

There are many variables…

Is life giving you the short end of the stick? Do you consistently feel how the opinions of others affect the goals you’d love to achieve? How that little voice tells you, to relax and don’t work so hard; only to keep you from moving forward?

You see, questions like this help differentiate you from yourself. “You” refers to the passionate, hopeful, and ambitious person wanting a change for a better life, or dream life. …

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What is Stoicism? Is it an emotionless, robotic lifestyle where nothing phases you? The practice of hating everything in order to not be attached to it? Or just not caring about anything?

Now, while Stoicism has it’s definition on google (it’s not as harsh as the intro.), I have my small definition right below to save you some time.

Stoicism is the practice of understanding the logical side of reality, controlling our emotions regardless of how pressuring or unique the situation is while making or leaving a positive imprint on where you were or who you were with.

You may…

Cody Sanchez

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